Friday, May 14, 2010

Praise Demeter and her Daughter

There is a great book called Greek Lyric: An Anthology in Translation by Andrew M. Miller.  It is a great collection of ancient Greek poetry by everyone who wasn't Homer or Hesiod and it is collected in one easy to use volume. 

Here is an offering for Demeter and her daughter by Bacchylides.  This is a portion of an Ode to celebrate Deinomenes, an Olympic charioteer*.

In Praise of Demeter, Queen of fruitful Sicily,
and of the Maiden, violet crowned,
sing, Klio, giver of sweet gifts; and sing as well
 of Hieron's horses that ran swiftly at Olympia 

*As an aside - I do think they should bring back chariot races as part of the Olympic games.

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