Wednesday, January 26, 2011

When Two World Colide: Persephone Pils

As you have recently learned, I love the art of beer.  And maybe there was a reason that I started my odyssey in beer brewing this year and not sooner in my life.  I just learned of Grand Teton Brewery out of Idaho of all places and their new reserve beer, Persephone Pils.  The description sounds lovely and as one blogger pointed out, it tastes like spring.  I would love to try it and see, in fact, if it does tasted like it has been touched by the Goddess of Spring upon her return.  I also really love the label that was designed by Grand Teton's own artist.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Black Swan as Persephone

I posted this review of the movie Black Swan over at the Juggler.  I just wanted to share it here as well. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowpocalypse 2011

It isn't as rare as it seems to have snow or ice in Atlanta.  Honestly, there has been at least one major winter event since I moved here in 2003.  But this week we've been hit by an event that no one here ever remembers seeing.  Businesses have been closed for two days.  Roads are icy and eerily empty (thankfully).  Adults turn in to children going outside to sled and build snowmen. 

Of course, for me this kind of winter weather speaks of the journey of Persephone.  The deeper she descends the harsher the winter for us as her mother mourns her leaving. But my favorite winter prayer is not for Demeter nor Persephone, but Zeus her father.  This is by Alcaeus, a contemporary of Sappho. 

Rain falls from Zeus, and out of the sky a great
winter storm comes; the streams are frozen
[two lines missing]
Defy the storm, lay wood upon
the fire, mix the honey-sweet wine
unstintingly, and about your temples
place a headband of soft wool
I will defy the storm indeed.  

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Praise to Mother Demeter, Goddess of Grains

I am starting a new project this year.  I am excited about it so I wanted to share it here.  The other day I launched a new blog.  This year, 2011, I will be learning the art of brewing beer.  I have long enjoyed beer, and now I feel the next step in my life is to make it myself.  While the blog itself isn't devotional in nature, the act of brewing beer for me is a spiritual practice.  So I dedicate this project to Demeter, the mother of Persephone and Dionysos, her brother and sometimes son.   

Praise Demeter, giver of the barley which brings us the malt
Praise Dionysos, lord of the vine and the green hops flower
May I honor you by chemistry and design
May I offer you the taste of the beer I make.

Demeter, may you bless the porters,
the wheats, the browns and the ambers

Dionysos may you bless the pale ales,
the bitters, the stouts, and the pilsners.