Monday, November 22, 2010

Prayer for Demeter at Thanksgiving

I wanted to share this alternate prayer that you might offer before your Thanksgiving dinner.  

Deo, Bringer of the Seasons,
You who gave us the gift of the harvest,
taught us how to work the land and gather the fruits of our labors.
You who gave us your daughter so that we
may not fear death.
We honor you in your veil of sadness
As you walk the earth in mourning.
Know that we are grateful for your sacrifice.
We honor you with the foods we have made,
We honor you with the family and friends who have gathered.
Demeter, Giver of Gifts,
We give you great thanks on this feast day.


  1. this is the first time i have happened upon your blog- I was searching for prayers to Persephone. I am eager to read all that you have posted- it's really great to find someone else devoted to Persephone <3
    thank you and blessings <3

    1. Im here as well for the same reason, It's good to see that Im not alone in my faith :)

  2. Thank you very much for your comment. I hope you enjoy the things I share here.