Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pomegranate Stocking Stuffers

I often find myself buying products just because they have pomegranate in them.  This applies to food, of course, but also to other products like lotions and even razors. For me, using pomegranate products brings me closer to the Goddess whom I love so deeply. I thought maybe I would share some of my favorite products and maybe they would even make good stocking stuffers. 

I started using Intuition Razors years ago for my leg shaving needs.  I love it and couldn't imagine going with out it.  Recently, I discovered that they make a pomegranate refill, which is awesome. 

Bath and Body Works has an entire line of fragrance called Midnight Pomegranate.  I love this scent.  It has the sweetness of the pomegranate but the mystery of something more, like patchouli. 

I have a pomegranate scented candle that has a central spot on my altar to Persephone.  The one I have is a brand called Illuminations and it smells amazing and makes the whole house smell amazing.  I've googled every combination of words to find it, but I can't.  However, Yankee candle has a scent called Pomegranate Cider that I imagine would be satisfying. 

One of my favorite pomegranate products is shampoo.  Burt's Bees has a great shampoo that makes my hair feel great but also gives me that pomegranate fix. 

And if you're interested in a refreshing pomegranate drink but not pure pomegranate juice, Izze's sparkling pomegranate juice is awesome. 

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