Saturday, April 30, 2011


One of the reasons I follow a Pagan path is that in most incarnations it is a celebratory religion. Religion here is a broad term because there are so many Pagan paths one can walk down.  I, as you are aware, celebrate the season with the myth of Persephone.

Beltane isn't part of the Hellenic tradition, but it is a lovely day that happen right in between the spring equinox and summer solstice making it very convenient to celebration.  And I love to celebrate things.  I'll co-opt holidays from anywhere.  So, I celebrate Beltane.  And since my mantra is to really get out and celebrate, I think it is important to put my money where my mouth is and follow my own advice.  I won't be spending this Beltane weekend simply reciting prayers and making offers, I plan to get out and have fun.

Today, I am celebrating Beltane Eve with one of my favorite activities, a local Beer Festival.  I find it suitable to raise my tiny glass of tasty beer to the Gods and revel with them this season.

Tomorrow, we go with friends to the Georgia Renaissance Festival. I will don a costume, which I also think is an appropriate way to honor the gods.  Though tame and acceptable by the general public, a Renaissance Festival, if you stretch the definition, is almost a modern form of Mumming.  Costumes, characters, and performances.  And don't forget the food!  I can share a meal of fried macaroni on a stick with my Gods this year.  They Gods are joyful and I delight in their joy. 

So this year, really celebrate the spirit of the season with your friends and with your favorite things.

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