Wednesday, July 20, 2011

As I embark on a new spiritual journey...

I have been away. Not because I am abandoning this blog, but I have been doing a lot of other work that has taken some time away from this writing.  Most notably, I have an opportunity to go to South Africa this November to help an organization plan a sustainable building project

Certainly, being involved with the tiny house movement and sustainable living was a big factor in this process.  But there was something else that led me to this path as well - My Gods.  In May of 2010, I lost a friend. Unfortunately I hadn't spoken to that friend in a while and his death hit me very hard.  As the seasons turned, by October I still felt the loss but I also felt gratitude for having known him. If I had never known him, I would have never met the wonderful people who live in South Africa and do much for the children there.This project may have never happened.

Persephone is certainly with me on this journey because she is always with me, but there is another Goddess  I must honor during this time.  Artemis.  I have never been particularly close to Artemis, but I feel her calling me as I begin planning for this project. She is so much more than just a Goddess of the hunt. She is also a protector of children, especially girls.  As if I needed additional confirmation of her presence, one of the organizations that my friend works with is Operation Bobbi Bear. Since the bear is one of Artemis' most sacred animals, this seems appropriate and powerful.

I do, of course, consider the project deeply spiritual. I am grateful and humbled to be involved and marvel at all the things that have led me to this place.  If you want to know how you can help, check out the Zulu Orphan Alliance website and their projects page.

Here is a poem I wrote to honor Artemis a couple of years ago.  May she bless me on this journey. 

Huntress, Artemis, you are silver moonglow
Sunlight stops his chariot to watch your dance
Hunter’s arrows in shadows of the oak tree
Artemis Bless Me

Spring-like water, mountain streams over rock beds
Wildlife; deer, bear.  Wilderness Personified. 
You are the cat and serpent, the dog, the bird
I praise Artemis

I give gifts to your temple.  Your land; wild, free
I honor you; honor your brother hand in hand
Starlight, Moonlight, Dark Twilight you are Goddess
Artemis Bless Me

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  1. So beautiful, Laura, thank you so much for walking this Path. We are blessed by the fact that it leads you in our direction!