Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Song of Persephone

Winter is still very much here.  With most of the east coast under a blanket of heavy white snow, I am certain most people are quite finished with the season actually. 

This time of year, as I have mentioned before, I start to get restless for Spring.  I start to get the itch to be creative.  Lots of big changes are going on in my own life which are taking a lot of my creative energy.  We are finishing a cabin in the mountains of North Carolina and we are selling our house to move to somewhere smaller that is better suited to our current lifestyle.  I thought perhaps some devotional practice would be called for to help banish winter and bring in the renewal of spring. That gave me an idea.  Please, keep reading to see where I am going with this! 

The Celtic holiday of Imbolc just passed and is traditionally a holiday celebrating Brigid, the goddess of Poetry, Healing and Fire.  In 2004, I wrote a poem for her based on the Song of Amergin.  It went like this: 

The Song of Brigid

I am the smoke on the pyre
I am the bubble in the brook
I am the cat asleep on the hearth
I am the wren on the breeze
I am the heat of the blaze
I am the herb of healing
I am a red-eared cow
I am the playful otter
I am a well on the land
I am the inspiration
I am the anvil and the hammer
I am the goddess who burns the inner fire
…Who stokes the fire of the home
…Who fans the fire of the forge.
…Who is the fire of the heart

And inspired by that, in 2008 I wrote another poem for the Olympic Gods. 

The Song of Olympos

I am the fire on the hearth
I am the lightening in the storm
I am the eye of the cow
I am the crashing sea
I am the sheaf of wheat
I am the lover's embrace
I am the music of the lyre
I am the sword and the shield
I am the hunter in the wild
I am the wisdom of ages
I am the anvil and the hammer
I am the guide of the dead
I am the vine and the grape
I am the fire in the hearth
...We are the eternal ones
...We are the deathless ones
...We are the Gods of Olympos

So I thought it would be a great exercise to write a similar song for Persephone.  I thought I would ask for some help.  We all know the basics of her myth as well as some of her symbols.  Starting each line with "I am" what would Persephone say in this prayer?

We'll call this cooperative poetry.

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  1. I am a child no longer.
    I reign over death but live fully.
    I love laughter, even when it's cruel.