Friday, February 19, 2010

Spring Cleaning with Persephone

My partner and I have a mission this year of simplifying our lives.  This involves selling our too-big-for-us house and moving somewhere smaller.  This means that for the next two weeks we are vigorously cleaning and organizing to get the house ready to show. 

The spring equinox is just a month away, thank the Gods, and we are all tired of this long hard winter.  Spring cleaning evokes the feeling of change for many people. 

The Internet is full of guides to help all of us organize our cleaning and maximize our results. 

I am as ready as I will ever be to dig in and do a deep cleaning this weekend.  But Persephone story is also a bit about Spring Cleaning.  In about a month she will return to the upper world and everything will blossom and come to life.  She'll shake off the mantle of winter and earth that she has been hiding under and see the sun for the first time in months.  I plan to honor her by making sure we have fresh flowers and fresh fruit out at all times while we are selling the house.  It is good practice anyway when selling a home, but I will know they are to welcome Persephone back with the spring.  Try it for yourself even if you aren't selling your house.

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