Monday, June 7, 2010

Over the Rainbow

There have been some great conversations over at The Juggler in regards to the Wizard of Oz and its connection to modern paganism.  Truth be told, I never really thought of it in those terms until I saw it as part of the Girls Underground paradigm. 

But I was just thinking about the myth of Persephone and how we are nearing the summer solstice - marking the halfway point of her stay in Olympos.  I can imagine her becoming restless and wanting to go home.  It brought to mind the song "Over the Rainbow".  What if Kansas is Olympos and Oz is the underworld?  Persephone dreams of returning to that magical land

And that, of course, made me think of a delightful song by Three Weird Sisters (a couple of the sisters are friends of mine, actually) called Dumb Dumb Dorothy.  Really - I had always wondered just *why* Dorothy would give up everything she found in Oz to get back to the black and white world of Kansas.  Truth be told, this seems to be an MGM fabrication as the Dorothy of L. Frank Baum's books seems quite content to return and to even make a home there.  I have often wondered why Persephone would continue to return to Olympos year after year when her real life is in the Underworld.  Sometimes, I'm not sure she does return. 

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