Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Persephone Greatest Hit: Breakfast

I wanted to share this recipe again.  Since it is Autumn, pumpkin puree and pie filling has made its way back to the store shelves.  That means I can make the vanilla yogurt and pumpkin breakfast again.  It tastes like fall and is a great way to start a cool October morning.  And November, and December.

So, here is my original post from the end of last year: 

There is no specific reason why I am associating this with Persephone except that one of the three ingrediants is pumpkin.  When I think "Pumpkin," I think "Autumn" and so I think "Persephone". 

I am not exactly sure where I saw this - it was on either on Yahoo! or MSN.  With the glut* of on-line articles about how to reign in your weight for New Year, this particularly suggestion sounded very tasty. 

It starts with Vanilla Yogurt.  I couldn't remember the amounts, so I guessed.  I got regular low fat vanilla yogert - just the grocery store brand.  One serving was a cup, but I didn't think I needed that much so I went with half a cup.  Next you add 100% pure pumpkin puree:  I added with a tablespoon which turned out to be plenty.  Mix.  Then add ground cinnamon to taste.    And Voila! A yummy morning treat or anytime snack.

*No pun intended...?

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