Saturday, October 2, 2010

She Stays Because She Wants To

I keep seeing commercials for Disney's Beauty and the Beast. They have released it in High Definition.  If I had to pick a favorite Disney movie in the classic fairy tale genre, it would most certainly be Beauty and the Beast.  I know it isn't a perfect comparison, but I see this story as something like Persephone's.  At least in the way she journey's into the realm of the beast because she has to, but she stays (or returns) because she chooses to. I know for Persephone there is the whole Pomegranate story, but I do think too much attention has been paid to the magic of the thing.  Not that the seeds somehow magnetically bind her to the underworld, but rather it symbolically binds her to Hades.  Like a wedding ring. 

I love how strong a character Belle is in the Disney version of the story. But I also love Beast and can see in him the changes that Hades himself must have experienced after he brought Persephone into his world. 


  1. I read a really interesting thing once about how the "rape" of Persephone was actually the seduction of Persephone. Apparently rape as a physical act was considered a lesser crime than seduction, where a suitor claimed a woman's heart, soul and body against the parent's will.

  2. I love your take on this. I was just watcing an commercial today for Beauty and the Beast today and was wondering what the draw was. There was something in the back of my mind about it.

    Maybe it was this! I think the fact that Belle stays because she wants to fits Persephone perfectly.