Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Imbolc Cyber Poetry Fest 2011

Though I have been on a Hellenic path for years, Brigid has always been important to me.  She was one of the gods we evoked at our handfasting 14 years ago and I also spent Imbolc 2005 in Kildare celebrating with the nuns.  I've shared this poem here before, but I thought it would be a good day to share it again. 

The Song of Brigid

I am the smoke on the pyre
I am the bubble in the brook
I am the cat asleep on the hearth
I am the wren on the breeze
I am the heat of the blaze
I am the herb of healing
I am a red-eared cow
I am the playful otter
I am a well on the land
I am the inspiration
I am the anvil and the hammer
I am the goddess who burns the inner fire
…Who stokes the fire of the home
…Who fans the fire of the forge.
…Who is the fire of the heart

And inspired by that, in 2008 I wrote another poem for the Olympic Gods, to honor that path in my life. 

The Song of Olympos

I am the fire on the hearth
I am the lightening in the storm
I am the eye of the cow
I am the crashing sea
I am the sheaf of wheat
I am the lover's embrace
I am the music of the lyre
I am the sword and the shield
I am the hunter in the wild
I am the wisdom of ages
I am the anvil and the hammer
I am the guide of the dead
I am the vine and the grape
I am the fire in the hearth
...We are the eternal ones
...We are the deathless ones
...We are the Gods of Olympos
Tonight, we are making cheese fondue to celebrate the milk festival and I will raise a glass of beer for Brigid

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