Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Adorations to Persephone and an anthology

This post is two fold. 

The other day, I saw this post over at Sannion's House of Vines. I thought to myself "Hey, that is a really great idea!"

Apparently, I wasn't the only person who thought so. Another Persephone devotee, Melitta Benu,
was inspired to create her 93 Adorations to Persephone.  As she mentions in her post, many of the associations are personal to her so I don't know that I will find myself using her prayers verbatim.  But it is lovely just the same. 

Of course, one of the reasons I began following Melitta's blog is that she is the Editor of a new devotional anthology dedicated to Persephone. I am eagerly awaiting the publication of The Queen of The Sacred Way. One of the reasons I am excited is because I have an essay in the book, but I am also excited because of some of the other authors included, such as Charles Stein. I can't believe I will be published in a volume along with people like Mr. Stein

So stay tuned for the publication date! 

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