Monday, January 16, 2012

The Song of Persephone

Because of my time celebrating with Celtic Pagans, I developed a love for a particular poem called The Song of Amergin.  This blogger does a very nice write up of the poem. I have used this poem as a basis for a couple of poems I have written myself.  It just flows so well and feels so god-like when spoken aloud. 

I have always wanted to do a similar poem for Persephone but for some reason I just never got to it.  Recently, Dionysian blogger Sannion posted his 99 Adorations and the Pagan blogosphere lit up with other version of the prayer

I didn't feel it necessary to write my own Adorations for Persephone, as it had already been done and was done nicely.  Instead I decided to revisit my old idea of writing the Song of Persephone. 

I am the maiden with the daffodils
I am the queen of the underworld
I am the savior from death
I am the daughter of the earth
I am the protector of pigs
I am the juice of the pomegranate
I am light in the darkness
I am as strong as iron
I am as gentle as the grasses
I am not lost but I am sought
I am whose name must not be spoken
I am the last face of sweetness
     …who creeps forth from the rocks
     …who whispers the mysteries
     …who is honored in life and death

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  1. Love this. Now I may have to do something like this for Zeus. The adorations posts didn't insire me but this does...