Thursday, March 24, 2011

Conspiracy Theory?

I would have never thought that Persephone would be the central figure in a little known conspiracy theory about the United States government.  But, it seems, she is.  I have conversations sometimes with folks about the fact that Paganism is not taken seriously in this country. I think ownership for that falls squarely on us as Pagans.  Average people don't even know that Paganism exists. To them it would be weird to think about people still honoring ancient traditions and old Gods. We need to educate everyone that Paganism is not only not "weird" but a perfectly valid and beautiful religious tradition.  Truthfully, weird political conspiracy theories don't really help. So which is it folks, do we have a Christian Country or is congress under the spell of Persephone, who is apparently the Goddess of Darkness?  I figure I'd rather draw attention to this very bizarre but apparently unknown issue to show just how ridiculous it actually sounds. 

The statue on top of the capitol building is actually Freedom.  As far as I understand it has never been Persephone.  But symbols are what we believe they are.  If these (hopefully few) folks believe that Persephone stands on top of the capital it seems to be to be better to educate them that their ideas about the Goddess are a little off. I've spent a lifetime studying and honoring Persephone and while she might have a bit of a dark side, I'm not certain she has ever had the reputation of the evil Goddess of evil. She represents change, cycles, beauty, youth.  The is both a maiden and a queen.  She is beautiful. 

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