Saturday, March 19, 2011

Daffodils, Beer and Potatoes: How I'm celebrating Spring

In spite of the title, this is really nothing to do with St. Patrick's day.  Though I did go out and celebrate on Thursday and enjoyed myself quite a bit.  Beer and Potatoes refer to something all together different.

Last weekend, I was up in Asheville and was excited to see that the daffodils I planted last year had made it through the winter and were beginning to bloom.  The hadn't quite bloomed yet, but I thought they were beautiful. I can't wait to go back next week and see the flowers.

But this weekend, we're in Atlanta.  Today, we are going out with friends to see the Atlanta Roller Derby. It seems like a great way to celebrate the return of the Goddess. Tomorrow, on the day of the equinox, I am going to bottle my newest beer, an ESB.  Matt also wants to start container gardening on our little apartment balcony. I know he wants to grow potatoes and poblano peppers and I think something else too but I don't remember what.  I also want to get some flowers to decorate Persephone's altar. 

I also keep reading about the Supermoon.  I've never been a very lunar oriented Pagan, but it is still always cool to see a gorgeous moon in the sky on the first night of Spring.

So, on this Equinox I encourage you to get out there.  Go outside.  Revel in the new Spring.  Revel in the return of the Goddess.  You can read your hymns and say your prayers, but don't stop there.  Do something.  It doesn't have to be bottling beer or planting potatoes, but it shouldn't just be nothing either.  Persephone is returning.  Rejoice.

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