Friday, April 30, 2010

Persephone's Beltane

Tomorrow is Beltane. Or tonight, depending on your calculations. I completely recognize and understand that Beltane is not at all a Hellenic holiday.  I also believe that the Gods are real and not contained in a tiny little Hellenic-only bubble and that they are everywhere and see and know everything.  Including Beltane. 

And I think Beltane makes Persephone sad.  She is the very symbol of growth and fertility, and yet for this festival she has been snatched away from her husband.  She doesn't get to feel his touch or his kiss on this day.  Warning, do not click on this hyperlink if you are sensitive to harsh language or sex.

What I do think Persephone loves about this season is the Flowers.  They are occasionally described as "Springing from her steps".  Tomorrow is a great time to celebrate her along with the flowers of the season

I will celebrate the irises outside my door.

And the pretty little flowers on the dwarf mountain laurel.

And the Indigo that was given to us as a housewarming present by some friends.  (I also plan to smuggle that out of here when we move!)

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