Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Persephone's Garden

A friend posted a photograph in her LiveJournal today that I absolutely loved.  I asked her permission to share it, and she agreed. 

I loved the perspective of the flowers in the foreground and the Goddess in the back.  Beautiful. 

She has planted an entire garden for Persephone and the other Gods.  Here is her description:
My deck is round with a copper band around it.

On the North side of the garden that surrounds the deck I have a clay statue of the Kore/Persephone. To the left of the statue all the flowers are black. I have black pansies, tulips, and lilies. To the right, the flowers are all white. White iris, bleeding hearts, balloon flowers, annual alyssum, and a spiky flower that I can remember the name of. Up the trellis, I plant climbing moon flowers.

Moving to the East - I have an archway with wind chimes hanging down. The flowers there are all yellow and light orange. Honeysuckle, day lilies, mixed yellow annuals.

To the south - I have a copper sculpture that looks like fire. Surrounding that I have all red, orange and pink flowers - Husker red, sedum, lilies, roses, geraniums, and petunias.

On the West side I have blues and purples. Hyacinth, alyssum, balloon flowers, iris, tulips, and petunias. That's also where my bird bath is located.

I love the idea of planting a garden with spiritual intent.  She also shared a photograph of Persephone in the fall with an offering. 

I told her I was always looking for beautiful and inspirational things to share on this blog about the Goddess.  Persephone's Glade is one of my favorite places on this planet and it is great to think that there are others creating beautiful outdoor shrines for the Gods. 

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