Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Prayer for Building

I wrote this poem/prayer last year before starting the build on the Tumbleweed Tiny House.  Since the successful installation of windows this past weekend and considering the work we still have ahead, I thought I may post it again.  It is writen as a prayer to be recited to the Gods to ask their favor in the project.  It is appropriate to pour libations to them as this is read. 

Prayer for Building

O Olympos, hear us now. If ever we have honored you all with words and libations, please hear our prayer.

O Hestia, you are always first and last. Hestia, we honor you.

Great Zeus, god of all: grant us calm weather in which to successfully build this week. Great Zeus, I honor you and all of Olympos for all of Olympos gives glory to you.

Great Hera, Lady of commitment: provide us with your blessing of steadfast determination. Though the work is hard, may we never give up.

Great Demeter of the Earth and your fair daughter for whom I have dedicated this land. May the springs be beautiful, the summers lush and green, the autumns alive in golden splendor and the winters gentle.

Great Poseidon of the sea: please look upon our mountain with favor and fend off natural disaster.

Great Aphrodite of the heart: bless us with the love and devotion we need for this project.

Great Apollo, Lord of Music: bring the sweet notes of success to our ears as we celebrate our progress each night.

Great and Mighty Ares: we understand that tempers may flare as we construct this house. Please help us keep any anger in check.

Great Artemis of the wilderness: as we realize this mountain is your place please keep it’s animals safe. Show favor to the deer, the turtles, the birds, the raccoons, the snakes, the mice, the bats and all the unseen wild things.

Great Dionysos, lord of the vine: protect and bless the plants here. Most especially the Hemlock, may they thrive without disease. We also ask that you help to keep the danger of Poison Ivy away from all wanderers on this mountain.

Great Athena of planning and strategy: please keep us on track and organized.

Great Hephaistos, lord of the craft: bless our tools – the hammers and nails, the power saws, the wood and our measurements. May we be honored to build this house for you.

Great Hermes, lord of travelers: keep safe all of our friends journeying to North Carolina from both Georgia and Michigan.

And finally, to Hestia, lady of the Hearth and home. May all that we do this week be in your honor as we begin this process of kindling a new hearth fire.

All of Olympos may rejoice in our labors. Grant us these prayers and all of our work will be in your name and your glory.

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